Hi Robin,

The DVD actually arrived more than a week ago, but a constellation of events means my wife and I just got to view it last night. 

So, mainly: Thank You For Making It! For me personally, to watch a serious film of Newborough / Oahspe / Shalam is the answer to a dream of many years. So I'm perhaps biased, but I do feel that by any measure it is a well-conceived, crafted and executed piece of work. 

I do hope it will reach the wider audience it deserves. In the UK, I can certainly imagine a channel like the "Biography Channel" being interested? And the Kosmon Church in the UK should arrange a showing - tho as "believers" it may have a mixed reaction!

Watching your film, it does feel that Newborough was not satisfied with being a (unique and inspiring) "prophet" - he wanted to become Tae, and wrench Shalam into existence, perhaps way ahead of its natural time… 

Will watch the extra features tonight.

Thanks again, Robin.

Peter Andrew

United Kingdom.

Hi, Robin.

     Your production is a scholarly, factual representation in the best journalistic tradition.  It was very well done in every way.  Beautiful photography, elegant costuming, balanced interviews, fine reenactments with a good cast.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was nice to also see our old friend, LesLee on screen.  The archive photography was a wonderful touch.  The production was obviously the result of an exacting and demanding schedule, and it shows in the fine results.  Thank you so much for doing it.


Bob Pavlosky

New Jersey